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Ductless air conditioners are an excellent way to ensure that your home stays cool during the hot months of the year. Ductless air conditioners are affordable and efficient home cooling options for homes that  don’t have existing ductwork.

What Are Ductless Air Conditioners?

Ductless air conditioners, also called mini split systems, are home cooling solutions. They consist of an exterior unit and an interior unit. These units work together to cool your home in the space where your interior unit is located. A number of units can also feed off of a single exterior unit to provide cooling to multiple space or an entire home.

Ductless air conditioners are ideal for homes that don’t have existing duct systems, or need cooling in specific areas in addition to their existing cooling system.

Here are some specific details our customers inquire about when considering ductless air conditioners:

  • Fast & Easy Installation: Ductless air conditioners are very easy to install. Depending on your needs and the size of your system, an Air Tech HVAC technician can install your unit within one visit. They require no major construction to install, only a small hole drilled through an exterior wall. This hole is used to connect the exterior and interior units.
  • Energy-Efficient: Ductless air conditioners are very energy-efficient. With so many different makes and models available our HVAC technicians can evaluate your situation and help you choose an energy-efficient unit that suits your budget and needs.
  • Low Maintenance: While there is still some maintenance required like light dusting and cleaning the filter, these units require little maintenance. All you have to do is enjoy the cool air-conditioned air. We do recommend an annual maintenance appointment with one of our experienced Air Tech technicians.
  • Incredibly Quiet: Unlike some window and other cooling solutions, ductless air conditioners are very quiet. Each unit typically has a noise rating associated with it, so you’ll know how loud it is in advance. The good news is that even the loudest unit is very quiet. New models use advanced technology that allows they to be placed in bedrooms, nurseries, theatres rooms, libraries and other quiet spaces.
  • Great Designs: Thinking about hanging an ugly air conditioning unit in your living room or kitchen might sound off-putting. Luckily, ductless air conditioners come in a variety of attractive designs that integrate well into your existing decor. Essentially, there’s something for every taste.
  • Custom Controls & Settings: Ductless air conditioners all come with remote controls to make them easy to adjust. Some models even have advanced controls that allow you to network numerous units throughout your home to control different zones depending on usage. This is one of the best ways to ensure they operate as energy-efficient as possible.

Check out our great selection of ductless air conditioner brands. For more information email us or contact an Air Tech representative at (905) 737-5016.

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