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fireplacesFireplaces have the ability to change the dynamic of any room and offer a focal point that creates a pleasing and relaxing environment. Nothing says “home” like having a warm fireplace that you can curl up next to with your family or a favourite book.

From traditional to contemporary, Air Tech carries a wide range of fireplaces. With installation options to suit every home, contact Air Tech to discuss your specific needs for either residential or business fireplaces. We’ll provide you with the most up-to-date offerings of our fireplaces.

Choosing The Ideal Fireplace

While fireplaces are a relaxing and inviting part of a home, for many homeowners buying the best fireplace can be quite a challenge. With so many different options and fireplaces to choose from it can be hard to know where to start when looking. Wood burning fireplaces come in different shapes and sizes and can be sized depending whether a person needs to heat a single room or an entire home. Here are some tips to help you make the choice that’s right for you.

1. Toronto Fireplaces Come In Many Shapes & Sizes

Small fireplaces are perfect for heating seasonal cottages or a single family room. In larger homes with older central furnaces it’s important to use a smaller fireplace to heat a specific area or zone and isn’t directly impacting the furnace thermostat that illustrates the overall temperature of your home. This ensures that your small Toronto fireplace complements your furnace, so both units can work together rather than compete for a specific temperature. A complementary system will result in reduce fuel consumption from your furnace and fireplace, energy savings, cost savings, and increased comfort.

Medium fireplaces are appropriate for heating small houses, cottages during the winter months, and medium-sized and energy-efficient homes. In Toronto fireplaces are very common in many older homes, and with regular maintenance and care they can last and function properly for years to come.

Large fireplaces are great for larger houses that are poorly sealed with lots of drafts and places where air leaks in and out. In Toronto fireplaces, specifically large fireplaces, are great additions to open concept homes as they offer powerful heats sources that can warm even the largest rooms.

The best way to find out if your fireplace is functioning properly or to find out what type of fireplace you need in your home is to speak to a fireplace expert at Air Tech. A Toronto fireplace technician can help you understand the pros and cons of each type and size of fireplace and help you come up with a heating plan that will optimize your current appliances with a new or existing fireplace.

2. Save Energy, Save Money

Using a wood burning stove is a great way to reduce your fuel and energy bill. Research has shown that when fireplaces in Toronto homes use clean-burning materials they’re not only healthier, but can actually contribute to a large cost savings in relation to your energy bill. Reading reviews and suggestions from people who have purchased fireplaces will give you a good idea about what you need, what you can expect, and what to avoid. Once you have a good idea about what you think you need and what you want, contact one of our fireplace experts at Air Tech and we’ll make recommendations based on your research. We’re here to work with you to help you save energy and money.

3. Perfect Fireplaces For Toronto Homes

Once you’ve done some research about what type of fireplace you need it’s important to fully understand the difference between non-catalytic & catalytic combustion. Most of the fireplaces available in the market offer non-catalytic combustion, however you should know that catalytic combustion stoves are the best options despite the cost difference. The best way to get a complete understanding about what type of fireplace you need talk to one of our Air Tech fireplace experts today.

4. Air Tech Fireplace Experts Can Help

We understand that not everyone has time to research and choose the best fireplace for their home. In order to save you time and money talk to one of our Air Tech fireplace experts for details about what type of fireplace is best for your home. We can recommend the proper size, type and design to work with your existing type of home and the room layout you’re interested in achieving. We’re not only able to help you choose the perfectly sized fireplace for your space but also the proper design that will work well with your existing structure and layout.

5. Desirable Toronto Fireplaces

In Toronto fireplaces can be an excellent selling feature for any home, so whether you have an existing unit that needs maintenance or you want to add a unit to increase the value of your home we can make a recommendation to suit your budget and style.


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