Home Cooling Tips

Your air conditioner works hard every summer to keep your home cool and fresh. Give you air conditioner a helping hand this summer with these great home cooling tips, courtesy of the Toronto air conditioning experts at Air Tech Ultimate Comfort.

  • Avoid the parked car effect: If the windows on your house face either south or west, close the drapes or blinds during appropriate times in the morning and afternoon to avoid allowing the sun to heat up the air inside your home. Essentially, you’ll be letting in less light, which gets converted to heat (called “passive solar gain”). Any curtains on south or north-facing windows can be left open to allow some indirect light in, which doesn’t generate as much heat.
  • Give your windows some sunscreen: Add stick-on reflective/UV-barrier film on any windows that get direct sunlight. It doesn’t cost much and is available at most local Toronto hardware stores.
  • Resist the fresh air urge: When you get home in the evening, resist the temptation to open all the windows. You’ll be letting in warmer air from a day’s worth of sun. Another way to get fresh air is to turn on your air conditioner. If it draws air from outside your home you’ll be circulating fresh air throughout your house faster and more efficiently than opening windows.
  • Fire up the barbecue: Cooking outdoors means you won’t be creating heat indoors. Indoor cooking in the summer not only heats up your home but causes indoor air pollution that can linger and make your home uncomfortable.
  • Indulge your green thumb: Add trees and other landscaping to the southern and western sides of your home. This will block the sun and keep the outer walls of your home cooler, which in turn keeps the interior of your home cooler.
  • Seal it up: Keep all windows and doors closed tightly while the air conditioning is on. This technique ensures your air conditioner is given the chance to work effectively.
  • Turn it off when you’re not home: Use a programmable thermostat to ensure your air conditioner isn’t wasting energy cooling your home while you aren’t there. There are even apps available that let you turn the AC on and off from your smart phone.

More Toronto Home Cooling Tips

For more information and home cooling tips to keep your home cool and refreshing this summer contact an Air Tech air conditioning expert today. Air Tech wishes you a summer that’s refreshing and fun!

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