HRV Units
(Heat Recovery Ventilation)

Air Tech Ultimate Comfort carries a wide range of HRV (Heat Recovery Ventilation) units to work with your furnace. Whether you live in Toronto, York Region, or anywhere in the GTA HRV units are available for installation by a certified Air Tech HRV expert.

What is HRV & Why Is It Important?

An HRV unit, also known as an air exchanger, takes heat from the air leaving your home via your HVAC system and transfers it to the incoming fresh air.

The fresh air your furnace pulls in from outside during the winter is generally very cold, so as it warms up on its way into the furnace, your furnace isn’t forced to work as hard to warm the air before distributing it throughout your home. This results in your furnace burning less fuel, which in turn saves you money. This means you can enjoy fresh air in your home throughout the winter month and pay less for it.

Over the last 40 years or so these units have become popular because newer homes are receiving better weather-stripping and sealing in order to eliminate drafts and increase efficiencies. Many homes that have air-tight seals at every exterior opening have great energy efficiency but during cold months when window and doors stay closed the air can become stale and oxygen deficient. In homes like this in Toronto HRV units are a great solution because they create energy-efficient sources of fresh air that can freshen up the air in tightly sealed homes.

Below are some of the HRV products carried by Air Tech. Please contact us about your specific needs and we’ll provide you with our most up-to-date units and any other information you need about heat recovery ventilation.

Vanee Brand HRV Units

  • 1001 & 2001 Gold Series
  • Bronze Series
  • 60H Bronze Series
  • HE High Efficiency Model
  • Air Exchanger Controls Switch
  • Residential HEPA Filters
  • VanEE 6LC
  • VanEE 12LC
  • VanEE 7000 Pool Plus

Serving Toronto, York Region & The GTA

Air Tech provides Heat Recovery Ventilation repair and installation services for all residents in Toronto, York Region, and the Greater Toronto Area. Take a look at our service area map to find your GTA community.
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